[se00ep01] Talk questions & writing assessment

  1. What is the definition of happiness and how does it vary from person to person?
  2. Can happiness be measured objectively, or is it purely subjective and based on individual perception?
  3. What are some common misconceptions about happiness that people often have?
  4. How do personal growth and self-improvement contribute to a person’s overall happiness?
  5. What role do relationships and social connections play in creating happiness?
  6. Can money and material possessions truly bring lasting happiness, or are there other factors that are more important?
  7. Are there specific habits or practices that individuals can adopt to increase their overall happiness levels?
  8. How does gratitude and practicing mindfulness affect a person’s happiness?
  9. Are there any cultural or societal factors that influence the perception and pursuit of happiness?
  10. Can happiness be sustained during challenging times, and if so, what strategies can help individuals maintain their happiness in difficult situations?

on the next season of Web |log, I try to discover and record podcasts on the “No More Outsiders” podcast…. so it will be a busy couple of months for me, my podcast, vocational school, and other stuff of life.