[se01ep17] Always Outsider, Never Outdone #1

two projects and one travel plan scheduled for the upcoming week or so… so I am looking forward to going back to Vilnius, to meet my old friends and make new ones.

Saturday we have a Human Librarry event @Create Space Vilnius, I expect a lot of people “readers” and a lot of fatigue after the event. some travel details are not clear yet, but one thing I think I will have a permit to go…. ( and talking with the principal of the boarding house is always hard for me)

Now, about projects 🙂

I thinking about an audiobook of “Cyber Heroes: The Guardians of Game Galaxy” and have a proposition to publish it on AP but I doubt if it is good enough and I need some good ( really good) feedback.

the second project is what I call the “welcome to rebellion” project, where we talk about the sound system, IGNITE_FM, and all stuff related to music…. so I have whiteboard some things and prepared to throw some lurk in the backend 😛